– Simplification and increased standardization are crucial enablers for the floating wind industry

29. June 2022

Experience in the oil and gas industry means we are used to one-of installations with tailor-made designs. Setting up floating wind farms with multiple identical units requires a different mindset to become feasible and economically viable.

How Honeymooring eliminates seabed damage and improves environmental profiles

3. May 2022

Honeymooring is an environmentally friendly mooring solution for floating wind farms. The only mooring equipment resting on the seabed is the anchors. The seabed footprint is therefore reduced, and erosion of the seabed is eliminated.

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This blog aims to provide knowledge, learning, and inspiration on topics related to floating offshore wind as a sustainable energy source. Specifically our new innovative solution for mooring floating wind turbines called Honeymooring™. 


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